Godmanchester cycling club (GMCCC) was set up by Jason Tisbury in 2014. Jason discovered that wasn’t a local cycling club in Godmanchester and Huntingdon area like there is in near by St Ives and St Neots. We regularly meet up for Group rides and Sunday has become the most regular club ride. We meet at the Chinese bridge in Godmanchester every Sunday at 9am. We are an informal group of cyclists and we cater for all types of abilities and ages. Members often cycle in the week, weather and light permitting, check out our Facebook group for further details members will usually post a day or two before heading out.



Sunday club rides

This is our regular club ride. We meet on Sundays at 9pm by the the Chinese bridge in Godmanchester, we have a few routes and generally complete around 25-40 miles. This is a friendly ride and we regroup at all hills and turn points. We also try and include a coffee shop stop towards the end of the route.

Saturday rides

Although not a regular club ride, quite a few members try and get out early doors around 7am to get the miles in, a popular route has been cycling out to Oundle, arriving just in time for the coffee shop to open, grab a cheeky caffeine hit before heading back. Join our Facebook page to get updates on rides.

Mid-weeks ride

In the spring & summer months a few members, generally referred to as the "Crazy Gang" will meet up at 5.30am and try and get in 15-20 miles before tackling the commute to work. Aside from the early morning ride members will generally post on Facebook a day or two before notifying other members that they intend to go on a ride.  

Facebook group

We are a social bunch and often post about rides and updates on our Facebook group, to get involved simply click here to join the group.

Strava group

As much as we like to just get on our bikes and get together for social rides, we also like to track our own progress, check out our Strava feed on our news page or simply join our group on Strava.

It's not just men in tight lycra!

We are a friendly bunch and we welcome any new members with open arms both female and male, we also have a good mix of young and mature riders.

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Why Choose Us?

No membership fee

We are a group of cyclists that just enjoy getting out on our bikes and meeting socially.

Relaxed group

It's a relaxed club and open to anybody who wants to come along

Mixed abilities

We have a huge mix of both bikes and abilities, from road bikes to recumbent bikes


How do I know if I want to join Godmanchester Cycling Club?

We welcome new riders to join us and best of all it's free! We are just a group of like minded individuals that love cycling.


How far and how fast do you ride?

All our Sunday club rides divide into groups that do different distances and speeds. On the day we will asses everyone's speed and ability and we will cater for the group. This maybe regular stops or a faster group may add more miles and catch up to the others before we meet for a coffee. Generally faster members will average around (17-18mph*), whilst we have some members who will average around (12-13mph*) and anywhere in between. Sunday rides average 25-40 miles in distance. We aim to never leave anyone behind and keeping together and helping each other is what our club is all about!

*These are average speeds and may vary with conditions and terrain.

Do I need to spend hundreds of pounds on a bike?

Certainly not, as long as you bike is safe to ride and road worthy then that is fine. If you find you do want to invest in a new bike at a later date, plenty of our members will be more than happy to offer help and advice.


What should I bring with me?

Stuff to fix your bike - a pump, puncture repair kit, spare inner tubes and tools. Plus snacks and water to keep you going. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather and have a set of lights for early morning/evening rides.


I’ve never ridden in a group before, what should I do?

Come along and learn from how other people ride. Our rides can be anywhere from 5 - 20 members so the groups tend to be a good size to learn and great to get used to cycling in groups if you intend to enter any events or sportives.


Can I purchase the GMCCC club kit

You most certainley can. Our current kit consists of a long or short sleeve jerseys and Bib shorts, available in a variety of sizes. We often do a batch order, please Check our Facebook page or our Club News page for any updates.


Do you enter races & events?

We are a still quite a new club and there is plenty of scope to get involved. We have a growing group of racing members, female and male, who run and participate in training rides, and work to attend events together.Please check our useful links page for events or check our Facebook page for any updates.

Sunday Club Ride

We meet every Sunday at 9pm by the Chinese bridge in Godmanchester. The ride is of a social nature and anyone is welcome. The ride usually includes a refreshment pitstop.

Please check our Facebook page for any ride updates